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Social Media Influencers Play an Important Role in the B2B Marketing Mix

When you think of social media influencers, celebrities like Chef Jamie Oliver, Organizational Expert Marie Kondo, or Activist Malala Yousafzai probably come to mind.

They have thousands or millions of followers, and gain a lot of attention for the consumer goods or causes they endorse, but did you know that having an influencer or two representing your B2B business is even more important?

These days, prospective customers are increasingly self-servicing their way through the buying journey, and having a social media influencer working on behalf of your company is more important than ever. Plus, the average purchase size in B2B is far larger than B2C. Referrals and word of mouth are even more important for a purchase cycle that can take months and involve several decision makers.

The good news is that, for B2B, you and your influencers don’t need a million followers, just a few hundred of the right ones.

How pick your influencer
  • The best influencers have genuine passion for the industry and for your company. These are the ones you want to recruit for your influencer program.

  • Identify one or two experts in your own company. Most of our clients have at least one subject matter expert willing to share their expertise.

  • Partner with industry experts. Choose those who add value to your brand, are active and already engaged with your target audience.

  • Influencers should participate in online conversations. One good way to engage is with LinkedIn Groups that your target customers belong to, as long as your influencer is interacting in an honest and helpful way, and not simply promoting your solution.

  • Your clients are influencers! Encourage them to talk about their experiences on social media.

Whether you have in-house influencers or partner with industry experts, patience and persistence are key! Results won’t come overnight—expect to maintain a sustained effort for six months or longer before you start seeing results.

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