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The Success of Your Demand Gen Campaign Depends on Your Data

You’ve just created a perfect demand generation campaign: It has a compelling offer, amazing graphics and a strong call to action.

Now, you need a list of prospects to send it to.

Having the right data will make or break your campaign–that’s why we partner with a data enrichment specialist. Because they use many sources for data, we can select only the most relevant data sets.

They also use both automated and manual data management tools and processes. This means we get the most up-to-date data possible (did you know that data can become stale in as little as 3-6 months?). It also eliminates costly “catch-alls”, emails that seem to be delivered, but actually go to a catch-all address (like manager@company.com).

Our data goes far beyond standard demographics to include purchase patterns, buying behaviors and lifestyle segmentations, so you reach untapped and relevant prospects.

Here is a sample list of data information we can procure to make your campaign a success:

Business Contact Data Basic contact data including Employee Full Name, Title, Function, Professional Email, Office Phone, Mobile Phone, and Direct-Dial.

Company Social Data Company social activity including user social handles of company followers across named companies or brands (LinkedIn Profile, Facebook, and Twitter) and the topics these followers are interested in.

Technology Installed Base Licensed users of Business Platforms or Enterprise Workflow solutions. For example: Azure, AWS, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Oracle, SAP, Tibco, SugarCRM, IBM, NetSuite, Workday, VMWare, Cisco, and more.

Individual Insight Employment History, Education, Skills, Professional Certifications, Publications, Gender, Age, Residence/Address, Personal Email, Business Emails, Social Handles, Hashed email, Website(s), Organizations and Affiliations, and FICO Scores.

Let me help you make the most out of your demand generation investment—give me a call today.

Ellen Pensky