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Get Marketing Mileage from Your Company's Milestones

The Western Psychological Association (WPA) recently called on BumbleBee Marketing to help them celebrate their 100th anniversary, coming in 2020.

The organization, which has thousands of members in the Western U.S., wanted to celebrate in a big way, and we saw an opportunity for them to leverage the milestone to increase attendance at their annual conference, sign up event sponsors and refresh their image. In short, their 100th anniversary was a great marketing opportunity.

Create a Compelling Theme

First, as with all marketing events, we wanted to create a compelling theme. Since the 2020 convention will be held in San Francisco, we recommended a bridge image for the event logo (resembling the Golden Gate Bridge) and the tagline: Connecting the Past with the Future. It was also an ideal time to refresh their image, so we updated their organization’s logo.

Start Early and Create Buzz

In April, the WPA was holding their 2019 conference, and it was the perfect place to create buzz for the 2020 celebrations.

We created an eye-catching booth around the bridge theme, where attendees could get a sneak preview of the 2020 activities and where sponsors were able to grab up the special events and opportunities.

We also made it interactive, inviting attendees to contribute their input on the biggest breakthroughs in the past 100 years. At the end of the conference, the WPA president unveiled the 2020 logo and kicked off the countdown to 100 years.

We are also helping WPA make the 2020 conference one to remember, with special events, interactive activities and giveaways that echo the bridge theme.

If you have a special anniversary or occasion, use it to market your organization or company! We bring our concierge level personalized service to every event we manage, to ensure it runs smoothly and you get the best results—just give us a call. 925.699.7921